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Foam Gun Prewash 1000ml

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  • Cleans, polishes and protects
  • Safe prewash with dry foam
  • High dilution ratios
  • For frequent use: does not damage the previously applied coatings
Начин на употреба
  • Dilute the product following the recommended dilutions and dispense the solution onto the surface to be treated, starting from the bottom up.
  • Leave for a couple of minutes and wait for the foam to start falling.
  • Proceed to rinse the vehicle from top to bottom

Why, even when you carefully wash the car by hand, after each wash, micro-scratches and vertical stripes appear on the body? When you empty the bucket of water, is there any debris left at the bottom, such as dirt?
You most likely did not follow the correct washing steps. Let's see them together: It starts with the decontamination of tires and rims. The next step is pre-washing, which is done before hand shampooing.
Foam Gun Prewash powerfully and safely prewashes with dry foam. Removes smog, road pollution, midges, organic remains of plants and birds. It can be used frequently as it does not damage pre-applied protective coatings, even nanoceramics. It is multifunctional: designed for use with a spray pump or a foaming nozzle. Using it with a water jet makes the subsequent washing phase safer as it removes 90% of the dirt.

With foamgun:

  • Winter - 1:5 (product:water) to receive 1:50 at the exit
  • Summer - 1:10 (product:water) to receive 1:100 at the exit
Manual pump:
  • Winter - 1:50 (product:water) 2 caps in 1L of water
  • Summer - 1:100 (product:water) 1 cap in 1L of water

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