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Deterjet Rapid Spray - Multipurpose degreaser for mechanical parts 500ml

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  • Penetrates deeply between encrustations
  • Removes all types of dirt
  • High pressure spray
Начин на употреба
  • In the first phase, spray abundantly at a distance of about 50 cm and leave the product to take effect;
  • Then reduce the distance by 20 cm and continue cleaning from top to bottom;
  • After cleaning thoroughly, use a cloth to finish the task.


Its action is incisive and allows it to penetrate deep into the incrustations, quickly removing all types of dirt, grease, oil and brake fluid from the treated part, without ever having to disassemble the parts to be cleaned….

What are we talking about? Naturally of the new Deterjet Rapid Spray, the degreaser born in the MA-FRA R&D Center, the most effective method for vigorously and super-fast cleaning any part of the braking unit of a vehicle or, in general, of machinery and chains.

Its high-pressure spray is best dosed from an initial distance of 50 cm from the part to be treated until reaching – after letting the product act – 20 cm.

and making sure that the jet always points from top to bottom.

The product fades quickly and after cleaning thoroughly, just use a simple cloth to complete the operation.

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