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S.F. 200 - Acid descaling detergent 5kg

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  • Organic acid formulation
  • Buffered acid. Does not corrode surfaces. Suitable for stainless steel
  • Suitable for HACCP use
Начин на употреба

Dilute the product in water to the recommended concentration. clean the surfaces. Rinse thoroughly.


Acid detergent specifically for removing limescale deposits from surfaces. Suitable for use in the food area (HACCP).


For light residue: 3% - 5% (from 300 ml to 500 ml in 10 l of water)
For hard surfaces (stoneware, ceramic, coverings), dilute it to 10% (1 l every 10 l of water)
For deep-down descaling: 10% - 15% (from 1 l to 1.5 l in 10 l of water).

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