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Shampoo Power - Super concentrated degreasing shampoo 1000ml

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  • Concentrate:  One bottle of product is enough for 30 washes
  • No halos:  does not leave halos and streaks after the rinsing phase
  • Safe:  Ideal for dull and wrapped cars 
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  • Formulated that allows you to wash your car in a short time, making it clean and shiny in the sun. The active ingredients contained in the product give a high level of foaming.
  • It is a basic product for washing your car, quick to use, safe on painted parts and on the various aluminum profiles, enamelled rims, matt paints and even Wrap films.
  • Super concentrated degreasing shampoo , one bottle is enough for 30 washes.


Shampoo Power is a super concentrated degreasing car shampoo, ideal for washing your car. When you want to wash your car, you must always use the right products to avoid damaging the bodywork. Many people use products to wash dishes or clothes, without realizing that this kind of shampoo is very aggressive on paintwork and often leaves streaks or halos on the bodywork of the car.

Shampoo Power is an easily rinsed, high-foaming car shampoo which, in addition to guaranteeing considerable water savings, leaves no residue or streaks after the rinsing phase. One bottle of product is sufficient for 30 washes.

Product extremely easy and quick to use, just dilute a capful of product in 1L of water or 5 caps for each 5L bucket of water and the solution for washing your car will be ready! Shampoo Power is safe on all treated parts , even on the most delicate ones such as aluminum profiles, enamelled rims, matt and satin varnishes and Wrap films.


Dilute a capful of product in 1L of water or 5 caps for each 5L bucket of water.

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