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Complete Car Was Kit

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  • Selection of products for correct car washing
  • Dedicated to car care enthusiasts
  • Simple to use
Начин на употреба
  1. After carrying out a pre-wash, create a solution of water and shampoo inside the Wash Bucket, then dilute 1 capful of product for every liter of water used;
  2. Fill the Rinse Bucket with clean water and insert the Grit Safe inside;
  3. Wash the car with the Double Face Glove, use the side of the gray and yellow short-haired microfibre glove for cleaning and removing general dirt and stains from the upper part of the car body such as windows, windshield, upper pillars, bonnet and roof. Use the second side of the Double Face Glove, in blue chenille microfibre, to deal with coarse dirt and remove it from the small gaps and from the entire lower part of the bodywork such as the wheel arches, lower pillar, bumpers, fascias, the area where most of it is deposited;
  4. Rinse the surface with plenty of water and dry using the Super Dryer Cloth; Use the side of the lint-free microfibre cloth to dry the glass and finish the seals. Spread the cloth on the bodywork, from the short-haired side, pull gently to dry the surface perfectly;
  5. Spray Last Touch Express 2.0 on the surface to be treated or, for localized action, on the Heavy Work cloth;
  6. Finish the surface with the Top Buffing cloth.

Taking care of your car is essential, but it is essential to correctly carry out simple steps to wash your car in the best possible way, avoiding creating scratches and damaging the bodywork. Precisely for this reason MA-FRA has thought of a new kit for complete car washing consisting of:

Car Wash Shampoo and Wax:
2in1 car shampoo that combines the cleansing of the shampoo with the protection of the wax, creating a unique combination with a surprising effect.

Last Touch Express 2.0:
 super-fast liquid wax based on synthetic waxes and polymers. With an installation time of just a few minutes it will be possible to seal the porosity of the paint and guarantee a strong hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect on the bodywork.

Wash Bucket:
the washing technique designed by MA-FRA facilitates the car washing phase, allowing you to create a perfectly dosed solution of water and shampoo. In addition to having excellent chemical resistance to acid and alkaline substances, it is impact resistant and versatile. Capacity 21L.

Rinse Bucket:
in the washing technique designed by MA-FRA facilitating the rinsing phase of the microfibre glove and accessories used during car washing. Thanks to the Rinse Bucket you will avoid rinsing the support in the Wash bucket containing the water and shampoo solution. This reduces the risk of creating swirls or scratches on the bodywork. The MA-FRA Rinse Bucket, in addition to having excellent chemical resistance to acid and alkaline substances, is impact resistant and versatile. Capacity 21L.

Grit Safe:
is a wash bucket grid that adapts perfectly to the Rinse Bucket allowing a scratch-free car wash. Thanks to the protective grid it will be possible to separate dirt and debris from the microfibre glove used during car washing. The product allows dirt to be trapped under the protection, allowing for safe washing.

Double Face Glove:
very high quality microfibre glove ideal for cleaning your vehicle by hand and in complete safety.

Super Dryer:
ultra-absorbent microfibre cloth for drying the car after washing. The product is made of super fine microfibre capable of absorbing up to 3 and a half times its weight, its composition allows better performance in terms of sliding and handling of the cloth when drying the car.

Top Buffing:
super soft microfibre cloth, size 60x40cm. Eliminates wax residues safely without causing swirls on the bodywork.

Heavy Work:
microfiber car cloth in the large 60x40cm format, the irreplaceable ally for a wide range of applications thanks to its versatility and exceptional performance. The fibers of the Heavy Work fiber cloth are remarkably soft, resistant and highly absorbent, ensuring superior results and extraordinary resistance to wear and tear.
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