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Nanotechnological Car Wash Kit

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  • Special car wash kit for exceptional results
  • Designed for a perfect and complete car wash
  • Safe car wash
Начин на употреба
  1. Carry out a correct pre-wash to prepare the bodywork to accept the treatment and increase safety during car washing;
  2. Dilute 25 ml of Polish Express for each liter of water;
  3. Pour a few drops of Polish Express onto the Comfort Car Wash Pad and start washing using the product like a normal shampoo;
  4. Rinse;
  5. After drying the bodywork, spray LAST TOUCH EXPRESS 2.0 evenly on the part to be treated, in small doses and at a distance of 20 cm, without overusing;
  6. Spread the product with a Double Face cloth using the short-haired side;
  7. Finish the surface using the long-haired side of the Double Face cloth.

Want to take your car washing to the next level? Here is the MA-FRA Nanotechnological Car Wash Kit, an exclusive selection of products designed to guarantee exceptional results and advanced care for your car.
The kit consists of:
  • Polish Express Kit: the first polish to polish the bodywork that is used like a shampoo. The use of Polish Express ensures 4 Nanotech effects on the exterior: Polish Effect, for an inimitable shine; Liquid Wipes Effect, for maximum safety in case of rain; Mirror Effect, to give the car its original and unique and inimitable appearance; Silk Effect, for a truly smooth and smooth bodywork to the touch. POLISH EXPRESS will cleanse and seal the pores of the bodywork, truly protecting your car from the elements for at least 6 weeks;
  • Last Touch 2.0: super-fast liquid wax based on synthetic waxes and polymers. With an installation time of just a few minutes it will be possible to seal the porosity of the paint and guarantee a strong hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect on the bodywork.
  • Double Face Cloth: double layer microfibre cloth measuring 40x40cm, without edge and without seams for greater safety during its use. The short-haired side is suitable for cleaning, applying and removing sealants, liquid and traditional waxes, while the long-haired side is delicate for polishing.
  • Comfort Car Wash Pad: new high quality microfibre pad with a double action. The pad is made up of different types of microfibre: long-haired side in chenille microfiber: for a deep and thorough initial wash, ideal as a first step to tackle the most stubborn dirt and remove it from small crevices and from the entire bodywork; short-haired side ideal for general dirt and finishing washing, composed of thousands of fine fibers capable of retaining a large quantity of water/shampoo solution.
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