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Interior cleaner Pulimax EWO, 4.5 L

Interior cleaner Pulimax EWO, 4.5 L
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  • 4.5L

Suitable to treat dashboards, seats, floor mats, door stops and any other particular problematic areas to clean, leaving no persistent residue difficult to remove on the glass. PULIMAX EWO does not require rinsing and therefore can also be used directly on the windows of the car. It allows the operator to work with peace of mind for many hours indoors.


Recommended use with:

RotorJet   Specialized system for dry interior washing RotorJet


  • Environmentally friendly 
  • VOC free
  • Not harmful to the respiratory tract
  • No rinsing needed


  • For manual use: Diluted - from concentrate to  1: 5  with water (depending on the contamination).
  • When applied with a RotorJet or Tornador gun, dilute - from  1: 3  to  1: 5  (depending on the contamination).
  • Dry with compressed air and finish with a microfiber cloth.

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