Production, installation and commissioning of

self-service car wash systems

Module for installation in self-service car washes for external washing of cars, buses, trucks. One exterior car wash post including the following components:

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Electronic system for choosing
5, 6, 7 programs (external board):

Waterproof INOX case with coin/token receiver, display and waterproof buttons.

Coin mechanism with safety cover

Display – LCD with visible part 123, 5x43mm, showing the remaining time of the program.

Board for controlling the programs from the software.

Electronic device for reporting to the NRA.

Electrical system for controlling a dosing plant and controlling a high-pressure pump:

  • Control panel with electrical components ABB, controller with relay outputs.
  • Low Frequency Inverter.
  • High Pressure Pump: “LAVOR” - 5.5Kw 380V (flow rate 15 l/min, pressure max. 120 bar).
  • 2 pcs. Diaphragm dosing pumps.
  • 2 pcs. Z-shaped rotating arm 360°, single, L1550/1750mm suitable for roof mounting above the system, allows easy maneuvers around the vehicle.
  • 2 pcs. Pistols and spray gun with fuse.
  • 2 pcs. STAINLESS STEEL stands.
  • High pressure hose, double metal braid, super-resistant, anti-stain, suitable for swing arm.
  • A filter for hard particles.
  • Wiring kit (pipe and el.)

Program Management:

  • 6 Settings for prices, time, etc.
  • Free mode button.
  • Ability to switch from program to program with recalculation of remaining time
  • Direct setting of speed parameters from the controller
  • Possibility of separate management of outputs in time
  • Possibility to combine the work of the outputs of any one program
  • Power part separate from consumer part
  • Relay outputs with a maximum load of 10A, direct control of low-power consumers (dosing pumps, valves, etc.)
  • Power – 24VAC/50Hz


  • Brushless washing program under high pressure.
  • Brushless washing program with detergent under low pressure.
  • Program active foam - detergent through a second gun.
  • Program for applying fast wax under high pressure /100 bar/ - to give gloss and easier drying of the car's interior and windows.
  • Program pause/stop to transfer to another program.

More options:

  • Low pressure washing program using a brush.
  • High pressure washing program with warm water (up to +40°C).
  • Program for final washing with osmosis water.
  • Installation of a softening system to soften the water in order to neutralize the limestone.