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APC - All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

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  • Universal APC: ideal for interior and exterior
  • For frequent use and maintenance of Alcantara
  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not discolor or leave marks
Начин на употреба
Car interior: apply the product or solution evenly directly to the treated surface. Work it with a soft-bristled brush until it lathers. Finally, wipe with a soft damp microfibre cloth to remove excess product and dry with a dry cloth.

Rims and engine: spray the product or solution from a distance of 20 cm on the treated surface, let it work, and scrub the contamination with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the rims with a water jet. Remove dirt from the engine compartment with a microfiber cloth.

All Purpose Cleaner is a multifunctional detergent - it can be used both for the interior and exterior of the car thanks to its wide-spectrum action. Universal APC, safe, concentrated and highly effective: it penetrates impurities and dissolves them without leaving traces. Safe for all surfaces, works effectively on sensitive and colored materials without discolouring them. It completely removes stubborn organic and inorganic dirt and stains from textiles, carpets and plastic, difficult to remove with classic cleaning agents available on the market. APC is ideal for cleaning rims, grills, engine compartment and against midges. Developed with "Odor Stop" technology that instantly removes unpleasant odors.

Interior - fabrics and carpets - 1:5 (product: water)
Exterior - rims, engine compartment - 1:3 (product: water)
Prewash - 1:20 (product: water)

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