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Black & Wrap Shampoo - Shampoo for dark cars 500ml

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  • 2 in 1: washes and protects
  • Rich mineral formula
  • Dilution up to 1:300
  • Revitalizes and restores paintwork, PPF and matte cars
  • No risk of circular or micro-scratches
Начин на употреба
  • Use the two-bucket technique in combination with a microfiber glove
  • Dilute 1:300 (3 caps of product in 10L of water) in a bucket
  • Use a second bucket of clean water to rinse the glove
  • Wash the panels, starting from the top down
  • Rinse the glove often to avoid scratching
  • Wash the entire vehicle, avoiding the shampoo to dry
  • Rinse the vehicle with high pressure water
  • During the drying phase, apply "Exterior Quick Detailer" to the wet surface
  • Dry with the Super Dryer towel

Black & Wrap Shampoo is 2 in 1: a shampoo with a glossy effect, removing stains. Used regularly, it removes the gray patina that dulls the color of black and matte finishes, restoring their original shine. A mineral-rich formula that dramatically prevents the formation of limescale (water spots) during drying. Excellent economic profitability thanks to high dilution ratios, up to 1:300 (1 part product to 300 parts water). Designed for deep and delicate washing and decontamination of black, foiled or PPF and matte finish cars. Gently and deeply removes even the most stubborn dirt. Revitalizes and restores the varnish coating or protective film (PPF - Paint Protection Film). The slippery surface formed by its strong softening action allows the glove to slide without the risk of circular or mini-scratches. Completely safe on any type of nano coating.

1:300 (3 caps with product in 10 liters of water)

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