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All Round Plastic Protectant - Internal and external plastic treatment 500ml

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  • Suitable for all interior and exterior plastics
  • Saturates color without polishing
  • Water-based, with a neutral pH
  • It is not greasy
Начин на употреба
Before treating the exterior plastic or rubber parts, wash the spill with APC and dry them with a clean microfiber cloth. Apply concentrated All Round Plastic Protectant with a microfiber pad to porous or discolored plastics. Reapply after an hour.

All Round Plastic Protectant is suitable for all interior and exterior plastic parts. Effecto blocks UV rays with Anti-UV Technology™. Stain resistant: repels water and dirt. The treated surface needs less cleaning, retains its original appearance, prevents bleaching and cracking. Saturates the color of plastic parts without polishing them. All Round Plastic Protectant is versatile: depending on the chosen dilution, the desired finish can be achieved.

To treat discolored and worn exterior plastics: use concentrated.
For discolored and gray interior plastics: dilute the product 1:1 (product:water).
For a natural effect: dilute the product: 1:2 (product:water)

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