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Glass Cleaner & Degreaser - Glass and window degreaser 500ml

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  • Safe over already applied protective coatings
  • Removes scale and volatile substances
  • Safe for Alcantara®, leather or other trims
  • With a pleasant and fresh aroma
  • Does not contain ammonia or methanol
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Spray directly onto the stained glass and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. Clean/dry with another clean and dry microfiber cloth. Use the dry side of the cloth or another clean cloth for finishing.

Glass Cleaner & Degreaser is a degreaser for windows and glass. Safe over already applied glass protectors. Quick and easy to use: works in depth, removing dirt and greasy stains. Removes scale and volatile substances contained in electronic cigarettes, the so-called "swap" pollution. Formula with Zero Streak Technology™: dries quickly without leaving streaks or stains. It leaves no marks and is safe for all surfaces it comes into contact with, even the most delicate ones such as Alcantara®, leather or other dashboard trims. It is suitable for all types of glass, even tinted. With a pleasant and fresh aroma.
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